2012 is the 25th year of the Tokyo International Mineral Association (TIMA) Mineral show, and we wish a warm congratulations to TIMA for their success over the last quarter century.

Kristalle is proud to have been a part of this show from the very beginning, one of the few American dealers asked to participate in the first show. This is a wonderful show, in a great city with lovely people, and we really enjoy our visit to Tokyo each year.

Delving back in our photos here are a few fun ones that I found from those early days….

Wayne with a photo of himself, holding a photo of himself holding……
Dona in Tokyo
Wayne Leicht at the TIMA Tokyo mineral Show
Wayne Leicht and Sue Hendrickson
Wayne and Sue Hendrickson

This is Wayne with Sue Hendrickson – yes, the famous SUE of dinosaur fame. In 1990 Sue discovered the most complete and well preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton which is nicknamed after her.

And here is how our booth looks today:

Kristalle booth at the TIMA Tokyo Mineral Show
Kristalle booth in recent years

Congratulations to everyone at TIMA on the last 25 years and we look forward to celebrating with you at the show.

Tokyo International Mineral Association (TIMA) Mineral Show

Fri 1st to Tue 5th June 2012

 Shinjuku Daiichi Semei Building, Space 7
(actually the atrium between this building and Hyatt Hotel)

 Hours: 10am to 6pm
(Final day to 5pm)

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