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Naica Mine

These photos are stock photos from a Naica city website – they are not my photos. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the caves and get up close and personal with this magnificent location. I drove 6 hours to Tucson, then by a private jet to Chihuahua City where two of the […]

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Good grief……obviously the sun tan from Hawaii did not take….and check out Wayne with hair!! This is the famous “Mojave Nugget” which we purchased so many years ago and is now at home at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. This was quite a big story at the time – we made all the […]

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Tucson Kristalle Blue Party 2016

  To celebrate our 45th year of business, on Saturday 6th February we threw a party up at our house in the hills. To celebrate this Sapphire Anniversary the party theme was all things blue!                                         […]

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Wayne’s Library – Bryan Swoboda

THE man with the film camera, Bryan Swoboda, was our guest for a few days. A year ago we started a project with him and this recent visit should finish it. Bryan has done a film of Wayne’s vast library with short interviews with Wayne discussing some of the important works and about collecting rare […]

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Oldies but Goodies

While I was browsing around for something else I ran across some ‘oldies but goodies” – you might enjoy these….. Taken back in the days of the Desert Inn gathering of mineral people before the TGMS show…. The following photo was probably taken in the early 90’s with John and Marge Sinkankas shortly after we […]

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