Recent acquisition:

The collection of Dr. Jack Nieburger – specimens acquired by him as early as 1951!!!  Suites of Franklin minerals, Tsumeb, Arizona, California, et al.

We will be premiering a portion of this collection at the East Coast Show August 11-13, 2023


We will bring only a small portion of the 10,000+ specimens – selected especially to appeal to our eastern customers.

The Franklin collection includes just about every mineral found there and exceptional fluorescents.  It will be sold ‘as a collection’.

Jack was known as “Mr. Crestmore” and there is also the most complete suite of Crestmore minerals for those who have a particular interest in studying this locality, BUT we will not be bringing it to the show….stay tuned.   

Since this collection is so vast, we have selected dozens of flats of assorted specimens which we will offer at 50% discount.  We had to rent a separate storage area to house this collection and are only less than half way through sorting it!

In addition, we will have our usual display of fine minerals and gold.  

Looking forward to seeing many of our friends on the east coast!!

Wayne, Dona and Lois will be the team at the East Coast Show this year.

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