Call it a ‘pop-up’ or an impromptu event or just a ‘happening’ BUT…..there will be dozens of mineral dealers around the Lester Street units around the last week of January and into February who will be in Tucson!  Call us crazy…..

Almost an entire year without any shows around the world leaves all of us anxious to meet up and look at minerals.  Certainly, our mineral friends from overseas will be absent but we are hoping that the U.S. collectors will take this opportunity to see some of the best dealers with some of the best specimens.

The Sun Gem units on the corner of Lester and Oracle will be open with every dealer attending.  Kristalle is located in Unit #1 and will be ready to open on January 26. 

And I am borrowing this straight from Leonard Himes’ page:

Safe travels everyone – we’ll be waiting for you!!

Kristalle Tucson team:  Wayne, Dona and Lois

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