These photos are stock photos from a Naica city website – they are not my photos. I had the opportunity of a lifetime to visit the caves and get up close and personal with this magnificent location. I drove 6 hours to Tucson, then by a private jet to Chihuahua City where two of the mine employees greeted us and we drove 1.5 hours to Naica. A meeting with the general manager, a health check (my blood pressure and pulse were agreeable), then don the hard hat and uniform. Down, down down we go (3km of winding tunnel) to a cement platform with a large steel door. And what’s behind door #1???? Nature at it’s most breathtaking… just stands there in awe. Yes, it was 100% humidity and maybe about 110-120 degrees. No more than 30 minutes to take it all in and then repeat the process – up, up, up to fresh air and a lovely light lunch provided by management. Back in the car, to the airport and hope we get back to Tucson before 5pm before customs people leave for the night. Just made it!!! One of the most exciting experiences ever. We were only able to view the upper chamber since the water is rising 2.5 meters a day.
And before you get all excited: NO… cannot visit the caves without something near a papal dispensation. I was allowed to take as many photos as I wanted but per agreement with management NOT post them to social media sights. There are some wonderful videos on YouTube – check them out. So a day that began at 6am and ended at 6pm is never to be forgotten. To those who made this possible: the most heartfelt thank you and you know who you are. I am not saying because I don’t want you to be bombarded with requests. Let’s just say that I benefited and the sponsor(s) will as well.

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