Apatite on Feldspar (M125)


An unusual specimen with an unusual form of Apatite on Microcline, probably Hydroxylapatite from the 2005 find. The Sapo Mine is now famed for its Apatites after the 2005 find of these unusual hexagonal dipyramid crystals, and for the 2007 find of two varieties – lustrous hexagonal crystals often forming stacks, and other unusual shaped crystals. This specimen in itself has an unusual shape with a curved formation of intergrown Apatites and Feldspar growing from a Feldspar base. The Apatites range in size, all are lustrous with apple green to bluish green around the edges. Many exhibit well formed hexagonal dipyramindal shape. The Feldspar base measures 6.5 x 4cm. Definitely one for the Apatite lovers who want to own an unusual piece from a famous mine! See a video of this specimen here

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Specimen Number: M-125

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