Gold Rush: A Literary Exploration


Edited by Michael Kowalewski

Softcover, published in 1997, Language: English, 477 pages

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The news of gold in California beckoned people from every continent on earth. This astonishing and instant migration would leave its mark forever on California and, indeed, the entire world. Taking a comprehensive look at the excitement, unrest, exploitation, and romanticism of the California gold rush, this unique and authoritative anthology combines firsthand accounts by the participants themselves and retrospective writings by later authors with dozens of historical photographs, cartoons, and other illustrations.Long sea voyages, arduous overland trips, life in early, bohemian San Francisco, and the feudalism of late gold rush society – all are vividly described in the words of those who experienced them. The writings of well-known authors like Mark Twain, Bret Harte, Ambrose Bierce, Dame Shirley, Henry David Thoreau, and Jack London blend with less familiar voices – Native Californians, Jews, immigrants from Asia, South America, and Europe, and women. Modern authors such as Bill Barich, Czeslaw Milosz, and Gary Snyder offer contemporary perspectives on the gold rush’s environmental, economic, and cultural legacies. Together, these rich writings evoke the spirit and emotions of this legendary era.

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