Lectures on Physics (3 Volumes)


Volumes I & II – 1966; Volume III-1965; plus Exercises Booklet 1965 – no denying Richard Feynman (Noble Prize Winner) was brilliant albeit ‘quirky’. Reading his biography is fascinating – from Los Alamos days, Cal Tech days, I say he is still holds the ranking of one of the ten top physicists in the world. This set of his undergraduate lectures, has been reprinted over the years but these are early printings and I understand not a word!  There’s so much to say about Feynman but for some laughs ‘Tuva or Bust’ by Ralph Leighton is a hoot. The group photo was taken at the opening of the Tuva exhibit at the Natural History Museum Los Angeles (thanks to by travel buddy Peter for giving me this). The first printing set can sell for upwards of $2,300……Volume III shows some curling of the plastic covering. Lots of luck to anyone who can do ANY of the exercises (George Rossman EXCLUDED)……- Dona

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