Minerals and their Localities


*See note on “Condition” above* An encyclopedic listing of every known mineral species, with paragraph size discussions for each mineral, emphasizing formation conditions of the minerals and major worldwide localities. Of special interest is the feature that a great many of the rare species are illustrated, which are normally not thought of as photogenic and are therefore not illustrated in other mineralogical books. The book contains information about minerals from 8,500 of the world’s localities.  There is an information on 4,340 minerals – 8,500 localities. The text is accompanied by 1,050 color photographs. This book is designed to meet the needs of all mineralogists, professional and amateur, including mineral collectors, museum curators, and mineral dealers: in short, to all mineral lovers.

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See photos. Except for the punctures on the spine and two bottom cover corners that are bumped, everything else is brand new condition