Minerals and their Localities


By Jan H. Bernard and Jaroslav Hyrsl

Signed by Hrysl

Hardcover, Published in 2004, 807 pages, Language: English

Condition: Rips on the bottom of the cover and dings on the corners

An encyclopedic listing of every known mineral species, with paragraph size discussions for each mineral, emphasizing formation conditions of the minerals and major worldwide localities. Of special interest is the feature that a great many of the rare species are illustrated, which are normally not thought of as photogenic and are therefore not illustrated in other mineralogical books. The book contains information about minerals from 8,500 of the world’s localities. A special effort of the authors was to list the most recently discovered or productive localities, together with well known classical localities, and to emphasize their mineral assemblages and their geological environments. There is an information on 4,200 valid mineral species, including their chemical formulas, accompanied by a coding according to Strunz chemical-structural classification system. The descriptive information includes: appearance and size of crystal or aggregates, as well as the other principle physical properties, or those which we believe are most likely to be useful for mineral determination. The text is accompanied by 1,050 color photographs of typical specimens of a standard available to current mineral collectors, although a few superior specimens are illustrated. Also mentioned are the great mineral localities with the highest numbers of type minerals and with impressive numbers of all found mineral species. The text is supplemented by a list of mineral localities, with minerals found on each locality; in digital form is the list available separately from the publisher. This book is designed to meet the needs of all mineralogists, professional and amateur, including mineral collectors, museum curators, and mineral dealers: in short, to all mineral lovers.

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