Modern Jeweler’s Gem Profile/2 The Second 60



By David Federman, Photographs by Tino Hammid

Hardcover, Published in 1992, 143 pages, Language: English

Condition: New

Hard times have softened jewelers’ hearts to novel and affordable colored stones. The result is a long=awaited “rainbow revolution” which is creating a mass market for the full gamut of gems. “Gem Profile/2: The Second 60,” a sequel collection of hte popular monthly column which David Federman has been writing for Modern Jeweler since 1983, is a by-product of that revolution.

In 10 special profiles written exclusively for this book, Mr. Federman focuses on affordable and beautiful gems such as ammolite, chrysoprase and rock crystal that jewelers have discovered as a means to set themselves apart from competitors with more conventional inventory.


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