Murder at Harvard + two trial reports


Move over O.J. – THIS is the most intriguing criminal case in history!!!
A murder at Harvard you say? Involving a mineral collection? The professor of chemistry and mineralogy??? Dr. Parkman the victim??? In 1850??? Really?
One novel about this trail published in 1971; a thick volume report on the trial of Dr. John Webster 1850; another smaller report on the trial dated 1850 (rebound beautifully). This was the very first trial where forensic science was used. Oh, the mystery of it all! Not enough that Dr. Webster was buried secretly, but someone stole his headstone! How dare they! Harvard still has some of the Webster collection of minerals, but where the others went to is another mystery. Now….if your interest is more piqued, there is a PBS show done in 1981 as part of their series: American Experience. Poor Dr. Parkman wonders what the hell he is supposed to do with the mineral collection he took as collateral…..the plot thickens……I had a great time with this story and I’m sure Cliff Frondel did as well since these volumes were in his office. – Dona

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