Natural History Auctions 1700-1972: A Register of Sales in the British Isles – SOLD


Hardcover compiled by J.M. Chalmers-Hunt. Published by Sotheby Parke Bernet, 1976. Language: English. 189 pages.

Jacket cover is ripped and worn but inside is in great condition.

People have for centuries collected natural history specimens. Nearly 1600 natural history auctions in Great Britain are known to have occurred. Many of which were of collections of considerable scientific significance. On dispersal, the sale catalogues often held the only clue to their ultimate fate. This book is a systematic record of every auction known in which natural history specimens have been offered for sale in the British Isles and cites most, if not all, of hte more important sales. The main purpose is to present a concise and easily accessible reference.

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