Nevada – Jackpot! (English, #18)


Mineral Monograph (formerly extraLapis English) #18

The Great Basin is a mosaic of geographic contrasts: steep rugged mountains, harsh dry salty lakebeds, and sweeping valleys, and while the high desert and mountains of Nevada may appear desolate, but those who choose to look and linger will find Nevada ruggedly beautiful and home to mineralogical treasures.

Bonanza deposits of silver attracted mid-nineteenth century miners to the Nevada desert. Then, as the rich Comstock Lode played out, deposits yielding copper, antimony, mercury, and undreamed of quantities of gold were brought online. Today the “Silver State” is by far the largest domestic producer of gold. And not just of the disseminated variety; visible, collectible gold has been found and is waiting to be discovered all around the state.

From silver, barite, orpiment, opal, gold, turquoise, and stibnite to a host of rare species, mineral specimens and lapidary materials from Nevada are sought by collectors the world over. And Lithographie’s monograph “Nevada – Jackpot!” celebrates them in all their glory. Nevada mining and mineral experts share their insights into the state’s mining history, geology, localities, and specimens. Their texts are brilliantly illuminated with images by photographic talents both local and international.

Complete with a one-of-a-kind 16-by-18-inch, indexed map of the state’s localities, “Nevada” is simply a must for the libraries of mineral collectors and connoisseurs alike.

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