Rock, Gem, Mineral Collecting Informational Documentaries VHS


We have been a fine mineral dealer since 1971 and have picked up a lot of great informative media on the mineral world over the years.


This is a bundle of seven (7) VHS tapes and one (1) dvd documentaries.


Russian Gem Treasures (1997, unopened) – Hosted by Robert (Bob) W. Jones. Discover the Wonderful World of Russian Gem Treasures! Beautiful interiors of Russian palaces. Treasures of the Tzar Family and court. Famous precious stones from the Diamond Fund and other Russian Museums. The Best of modern Russian lapidary and jewelry art. Outstanding specimens – emeralds, alexandrite, topaz, tourmaline, charoite and others from Urals and Easter Siberia. A visit to an underground mine in Siberia and views of world-famous Urals Mountains and Easter Siberia deposits. Famous artist’s work-Faberge and Konovalenko.


Smithsonian Video Collection: 1103 Gems & Minerals (1989, 45 minutes) – The Ultimate Rock Video. Previous stones have fascinated mankind for centuries. The legends surrounding gems and mineral and man’s quest to attain them are as incredible in tale as in splendor and beauty. The Smithsonian Institution houses some of the rarest gems in the world, and in this video opens its vaults to you. You’ll get a glimpse at gems never seen by the public, and some you probably never knew existed. See everything from a 4.6 billion year old meteorite to the legendary 45 1/2 carat Hope diamond.


Gemstones of America-Smithsonian Institution- Nature’s Originals (1991, 60 minutes) – Remarkably, the world at large knows little about its rare and exotic gemstones. But people everywhere are drawn to these treasures – their beauty and the visual excitement they generate. Now you can learn how the Earth’s fascinating crystals are formed and why they are so rare. In this dramatic 60-minute tour, journey with Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. to the richest mines in the United States. He’ll show you how gems are mined and crafted into spectacular jewelry. Hear firsthand stories behind historical crystal deposits from the miners who excavate the previous stones. Observe gem cutters skillfully crafting coarse crystals into exquisite gems. Finally, discover the world’s rarest, most alluring gems as you’re taken into the vaults and the high security room of the Gem and Mineral Collection at the Smithsonian Institution.


The Tucson Experience (1992, 60 minutes, has an old Kristalle sticker on the back cover) – See Tucson from showcase to tailgate, the deals, the gems, the magic, the experience!


The New Crystal Hunters-The Sterling Mine (dvd, unopened) – The Sterling Mine, in Ogdensburg, New Jersey is considered by many to be the Fluorescent MIneral Capital of the World. An active zinc mine since the 1630s, The Sterling Mine was finally closed in 1986 only to re-open as a museum in 1989. Our brave group of kids put on their hard hats and go deep underground to learn about the history of this famous mind and to see, first-hand, the brilliance of this mineral fluorescent wonderland.


The Fabulous World of Faberge (1996, unopened) – In 1885, court jeweler Peter Carl Faberge was commissioned by Czar Alexander III to create a special jeweled Easter egg for Russia’s Empress Marie Feodorovna. Faberge’s creation – a perfect replica of a hen’s egg, fitted with ingenious gold traps and filled with previous stones – delighted the royal family and began an imperial tradition. In this revealing program, Faberge’s descendants and leading historians tell the complete story of the master jeweler’s life, from his rise to international fame to his narrow escape from a Bolshevik firing squad. Jewelry experts explain why Faberge’s rare eggs are still some of the most coveted art objects in the world.


The 30th Annual Rochester Mineralogical Symposium April 3-6, 2003: Minerals of China by Bert Ottens


The 30th Annual Rochester Mineralogical Symposium April 3-6, 2000: The Mineralogy of Silver by Terry Wallace

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