Sedimentary Petrography 1922


Frondel: I could write pages! What an extroadinary man and funny too! He was our very first house guest when we bought our Laguna Beach home – never tired of his stories. This is one of his textbooks when he was a student at the Colorado School of Mines (graduated in 1929 with Geological Engineer degree) MA from Columbia in 1936. He was the very first person to open the box of moon rocks in 1969 and ended up in confinement with the astronauts because he had a tear in his glove!!! I think they had a wonderful two weeks together in Houston. In 1965 he was awarded the extraordinary Medal from MSA. Cliffordite and Frondelite named in his honor and who does not have his famous contribution to the 7th edition of Dana’s System of Mineralogy. Frondel made many notations in the book and also some separate small notes. First Edition – printed in Great Britain – hardback – good condition – the value here is all about the ownership. Harvard professor from 1939-1977 – Dona

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