Skystone and Silver: The Collector’s Book of Southwest Indian Jewelry (used)


lst Edition 1976 – with dust jacket and plastic protective cover as well/hardbound – by Carl Rosnek and Joseph Stacey – filled with beautiful color photographs and I do like the paper used for the text – sort of a linen like paper in light beige color. Has a personal inscription on the inside: “To my beautiful wife on Mother’s Day 1977…this book truly becomes you” – signed by Dave (how sweet Dave!!!). If one loves Indian jewelry, this is the book!!! – Dona

With a rich and authoritative text featuring 35 mini-chapters by a wide range of Indian jewelry experts and the brilliant lenswork of outstanding Southwest photographers, Skystone and Silver captures all the beauty, craftsmanship, and romance of this dynamic art. Includes hundreds of full color and black-and-white photographs!

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Slightly Used – almost perfect condition except for an inscription on first page