Synopsis of Mineral Characters – 1907


Starting what I call ‘the Frondel/Palache office collection: this charming small leather book belonged to Edgar T. Wherry (wherryite) and is dated 1909; the year he received his doctorate in mineralogy from the University of Pennsylvania. Wherry was also a soil scientist and botanist of some fame (his classic works on ferns still timely). Anyway, it made its way to Palache’s office and ended up on Frondel’s desk. Wherry and Palache co-authored ‘The Goldschmidt Two-Circle Method… in 1920. Emphasis is laid upon crystal form, habit, system, cleavage, hardness, fusion and solubility. Arranged alphabetically by mineral name. I love the history and the hands that were laid on this pocket-book…….it has been reprinted in modern form but that’s a dull copy but still useful. This one has gold stamp lettering and gilt-edged.  – Dona

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