It has been a while since I ‘rambled on’ for you…thanks to all of you who tell me you actually enjoy this section of our website!

I see the last thing I posted was just after my trip to Turkey in early May. Wayne and Lois exhibited at the Houston Fine Mineral show in late April and the West Coast Gem and Mineral Show in mid May (our ‘local’ show, not far from us in Laguna Beach), and then the three of us were off to Tokyo, Japan for the Tokyo International Mineral Fair (TIMA) (you can read my show reports by clicking here)

Wayne was then off to the St. Marie-aux-Mines show (read our show reports here – part 1, part 2) while I stayed behind and basically just ‘chilled’ at home. Oh, Lois and I did manage to get to the fabulous “White Nights Dinner” for a select group at the Bowers Museum in connection with the opening of a Faberge exhibit which is still at the museum – go see it! Wonderful items.

July 4th was ‘girl’s night’ at our house in Laguna Beach (Wayne was still in Europe running around with Ian buying collections) – a beautiful night with five different fireworks shows going on in front of the house.

Fireworks in Laguna Beach

Fireworks in Laguna Beach

In August the Lloyds arrived from England and we began preparations for the upcoming Springfield and Denver shows. Springfield is still one of my favorite shows and we have found one of the best restaurants ever there. If you would like to see more about the Springfield show, please read our show report by clicking here.

Just before leaving for Denver we took a very quick trip to the booming town of Hyattville, Montana (pop. 70) to gather with the fossil dudes to celebrate Kirby Siber’s 70th birthday!! The Siber family, including the late Hans Siber, have been part of our lives for over 30 years. It was a fun evening, you can read more by clicking here.

And now it is onto Denver for the mineral shows… stay tuned for our show reports and more Rambling with Dona!

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