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Dear Friends and Customers….

Wayne and I were chatting recently about the last three years and the people we have missed seeing in person.  A big, big part of our business is about the people we meet, those we have forged friendships with over the years (and in many cases, decades) and professionals in the business who have been kind enough to share their knowledge.  We now seem to be on the road to ‘normal’ but only in a sense that we are resuming our usual show schedule after missing so many of our favorites. 

There are changes in our show schedules for the remaining months of 2022 and the coming year 2023.  Sadly, due to the ever important ‘timing’ we missed the annual Tokyo show which we have attended for 35 years and also the fun time in St. Marie aux Mines this year.  We will resume those in 2023.  Our next show this year will be in West Springfield, Massachusetts followed by the new concept of the Denver show and then on to Munich.

Of course everyone is looking forward to Tucson 2023!!  This is where the biggest changes are occurring for so many dealers.  The Lester/Oracle Streets area has now become the largest concentration of mineral dealers with the addition of the many new units.  This area offers an easy and friendly venue.  It is also the ‘social’ hub.  In favor of this setup we no longer will participate in the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society show at the convention center nor will we be at the show held at the Westward Look. 

Our 2023 shows include Tucson, Conroe, Plano, Tokyo, Springfield, Denver, Munich.  As a reminder, our Collections Manager, Lois Nelson, makes cross country in person visits – both for showing you our latest inventory as well as buying!  Should you wish to ‘thin down’ your collection, sell it in its entirety or single pieces please do contact us. Now in our 51st year of business we are still acquiring collections.  Our famous ‘show van’ will be on the road again in August from the west coast to the east coast – want a visit?  Contact:  lois@kristalle.com

We hope that you have managed to get through these complicated years without any major upsets and you have maintained good health (all of us at Kristalle stayed ‘covid free’) and a positive attitude.  We look forward to renewing friendships at any of the upcoming shows you may attend.  Until then…..take care, stay safe and thank you for these many years of support and friendship.

Wayne and Dona Leicht

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