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Good grief……obviously the sun tan from Hawaii did not take….and check out Wayne with hair!! This is the famous “Mojave Nugget” which we purchased so many years ago and is now at home at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. This was quite a big story at the time – we made all the […]

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Wars have been fought over it, civilizations for centuries have covet­ed it and governments depend on it and hoard it. No wonder the fascination for the most noble of all metals continues! The demand for gold permeates all levels of society—the hard money peo­ple hoard it in bullion form, the con­sumer can hardly get enough […]

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California Gold

  California Gold California and gold are intimately linked in the minds of millions. To those with a special interest in minerals, though, the link is more particularly between that state and its fine specimens of crystallized gold. BY WAYNE AND DONA LEICHT All photos © Harold & Erica Van Pelt When John Marshall noticed […]

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The History of Crystallized Gold in California

California’s Mother Lode region is among the most famous gold mining areas in the world. Since gold was discovered there on the American River in 1848, well over a hundred lode mines have yield many extraordinarily beautiful specimens of crystallized gold. INTRODUCTION Next to the American civil war, probably more books have been written about […]

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