We are back from the annual Tokyo International Mineral Fair!


This was our 31st year as dealers at this Tokyo show. We are glad we stayed with it through the tough economic years in Japan. The economy is on the rebound and lots of positive thinking. We have found some new customers and continue to see loads of younger collectors. We always look forward to this show. The TIMA organization makes it so easy and stress-free – they are a pleasure to work with. We’ll be back in 2019!!!


Day 1 – The show is held in atrium between our hotel and an office building – tired???just pop upstairs to your room- easy, peasey.

Mt. Fuji popped up this morning

Dinner last night in the Tsukiji area with some not so common dinner selections- quick! Grab those little squid before they fall off the table…that kind of meal to experience every now and then but don’t make it a habit- will set you back a couple big ones…

Opening day – the line is forming – we hit the air waves again – tv film crew with us – desperate times call for the wine bottled exclusively for 7-Eleven


Opening day line – like this every day of the show – the Japanese are ever so patient about waiting in line
The local TV station came by to film with us – never did get a chance to see it ‘tho!
When the wine shoppe is a few blocks away, one depends on the fine custom labeled wine of the 7-11 store in the basement of the building

Ready to Go!

Our booth was always like this… notice anything different from most mineral shows????? Hardly anyone over 40 – lots of young students as well.

So japan……$1 beer and $ 10 strawberries ( but oh so good) – love revolving sushi bars and the Shinkansen to Kyoto such a marvel – sayonara japan!

Next, Sainte-Marie!


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