KRISTALLE is a buyer of museum quality crystallized mineral and gold specimens. We are interested in buying entire mineral collections or individual specimens. Antiquarian books and instruments are also of interest.


Please read the following VERY carefully before contacting us…

 We are only interested in undamaged well-crystallized minerals – NOT rocks.

Ask yourself, would a MUSEUM display this? 

Please look at the highest priced items on our website first to see the quality of minerals we sell.

Our website is only a small representation of what we sell – we only go up to a few thousand dollars on the website, but our main customer base is in the thousands to TENS of thousands. Therefore, the best examples of the quality of specimens we are looking for are what we display and sell at mineral shows around the world. This is our focus. For more examples browse our Show Reports and check out the below photo

Photo courtesy of @focalcrystal


What is a Mineral??

A mineral is a naturally occurring, inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition and a crystalline structure formed by geological processes. A rock is an aggregate of one or more minerals whereas a rock may also include organic remains and mineraloids. Some rocks are predominantly composed of just one mineral.

These are ROCKS

These are crystallized minerals

We are NOT interested in rocks, polished pieces, carvings and the like – we ONLY buy high quality crystallized specimens for collectors and museums.


Please be aware that we receive HUNDREDS of emails throughout the year from people wanting to sell their items, but we only buy about 1% of what is shown to us.

Next Steps

After reading the above and looking through our website and mineral show photos, if you think you have top quality specimens we might be interested in, contact us.

We prefer that you send photos with your inquiry about selling your collection.  Email us at with a couple photos of what you consider your BEST items. Please give sizes of specimens, locality, asking price, and any provenance.

We may then ask for more information including:

  • What does your collection consist of? For example, do you mostly collect Azurite? Do you favor English minerals? Maybe you have a variety?
  • Any specimens with notable history? Where do you primarily get your specimens from?
  • The size of your collection (how many specimens? general sizes of the specimens)
  • Is everything labeled or documented?
  • How are they currently organized? Are they boxed or on display? Are they mounted?

After looking at the photographs, if it is something we are interested in we may want to visit you and see your collection in person to offer a more accurate appraisal. We have the ability to market at both the retail and wholesale levels and we are one of the few companies that are able to pay cash upfront for the right specimens. We offer the utmost privacy in our dealings- we have purchased numerous collections for which privacy was a concern and we have never revealed those names.

Kristalle has been involved in the purchase and dispersal of most of major mineral collections to come on the market, from small private collections to large museum collections. We have purchased close to 350 collections in our 50 year history, handling some of the world’s finest mineral treasures.  The following is a listing of only a small portion of recently handled collections (some partnered purchases with Collectors Edge and Crystal Classics).

  • The Willard Wulff Collection (CO, USA)
  • The Gold collection of Richard Hauck (USA)
  • The Gold collection of Don Dickey (USA)
  • The William and Elizabeth Moller Collection (USA)
  • The Tana Daugharthy Collection (USA)
  • The Worldwide Collection of Roberta McCarty (USA)
  • The Ernest Lever Collection (USA)
  • The Harald Tietz Tsumeb Collection (Namibia)
  • The Wolfgang Wendel Lavrion Collection (Germany)
  • The Ben de Wit Collection (Canada and Jersey, Channel Islands)
  • Specimens from the collection of Gerhard Grude (Germany)
  • Helmut Heuser Collection (Germany)
  • The Dr Warren Johansson Collection (USA)
  • The Frank Wright Collection (USA)
  • The Peter Edwards Collection (England)
  • Specimens from the collection of Keith Hammond (England)
  • The Charlie Freed Collection (USA)
  • The Daniel Manolescu Collection (USA)
  • Specimens from the Dr. Gil Hyde collection (USA)
  • The Dr. Gerald Clark collection (USA)
  • Specimens from the collection of Gérard Albessart (France)
  • Karlheinz Grosch Tsumeb Collection (Germany)
  • The Warren Taylor Collection (England)
  • The Reg Taylor Collection (Queensland, Australia)
  • The collection of Jean Pierre Cand (CA, USA)
  • The William Weisse Collection (CA, USA)
  • The Collection of Paul Busch (USA)
  • The Eileen Kokinos Cerussite Collection (USA)
  • Worldwide collection from William and Roberta McCarthy Collection (AZ, USA)
  • The Cornish mineral collection of Ian Acworth (MA, USA)
  • The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – over 20,000 specimens (PA, USA)
  • The Martin Zinn III Collection (USA)
  • The Norman and Roslyn Pellman Collection (AZ, USA)
  • The Dr Stephen Neely collection (USA)
  • The Dr Winfried Boehmer collection (Germany)
  • Thelate E. O. Stratton who mined in the Tucson area in the early 1900s (AZ, USA)
  • The Forrest Cureton collection (USA)
  • The Valentin Sicker collection (Switzerland)
  • The Tom Weisner collection (USA)
  • The Kimball Goddard Lead mineral collection (NV, USA)
  • Specimens from the collection of Wolfgang Henkel (Germany)
  • The Phil Scalisi Collection (MA, USA)
  • The Marianne Shale miniatures collection (CA, USA)
  • Inventory and personal collection of Gerald Clark  (CA, USA)
  • The Dirk Rheinlander collection (Germany) – including superb miniatures
  • The Charles Hansen collection (CA, USA)
  • The mineral collection of Eduard Gubelin, a well known gemologist (USA)
  • The Wendula Lassere collection (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • The Brian Lloyd collection (London, England)
  • The Gerhard Mienel Collection (Saxony, Germany)
  • The Kirby Siber Collection (Aathal, Switzerland)
  • The John Marshall collection (USA)
  • The Bernard Charlier collection (France)
  • The collection of Gerard Lesage (Chamonix, France)
  • The Simon Harrison Collection (Bath, England)
  • The Ulrich Buchard Collection (Munich, Germany)
  • The Ken Hollmann Collection (USA)
  • The Richard Hauck collection (NJ, USA)
  • The Ulrich Bahmann Tsumeb Collection (South Africa)
  • The Rolf Wein Collection (Germany)
  • The Dr. Jack Nieburger Collection (USA) and many many more!!!

Wayne Leicht has more than 50 years experience in the appraisal of mineral specimens. Discretion and integrity form the backbone of our company and we would be delighted to work with you to sell your minerals.

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